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Article: Picking the perfect floral wallpaper

Picking the perfect floral wallpaper

Picking the perfect floral wallpaper

Picking the perfect floral wallpaper can be overwhelming but we have some tips to show you how to pick the perfect one.

First select the look you want to achieve


Decide what colour scheme you would like to go with/ what original colours will remain in your room. This includes:

  • floor colour
  • curtains/ blinds / shutters
  • the view outside the window 

Once that has been decided you can look for a floral wallpaper that will complement the existing colours and add to the atmosphere you desire to create. 


Pattern repeat

This is something that needs to be considered when planning for wallpaper, in this case it will determine what scale would be appropriate. All floral wallpapers have a pattern repeat. 

Best to begin measuring the height and width of your walls.

(include example picture?)



This beautiful Designers Guild Yulen Magnolia Wallpaper looks terrific on one wall but could be over powering in a small space.




Whereas this smaller scale Cole and Son Sweetpea wallpaper looks terrific in this small kitchen. The paint colours are coordinated back with the wallpaper to create harmony.



A flower wallpaper will work in any room of the house. How great does this blue and white wallpaper from William Yeoward look in the hallway? It’s made it into the most inviting space.


For help contact our experienced wallpaper team is here to help! Call us now on 03 9939 1967

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