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Curtains & Blinds

Our custom made curtains, blinds and drapes are exquisitely made in Melbourne.

We can help determine what style would work best for your space, assist with fabric selection and provide a full quotation. 


Curtains and Drapes

Transform your space with custom made block out and sheer curtains. Select from various tracking, curtain styles and opening options. An elegant option is silk curtains with sheers, great to block the Northern Sun from coming in.


Roman Blinds 

Roman Blinds are a great use of space, they are made of fabric and create a soft, layered effect. They lie flush against the window when in use and concertina up into a pleat.

Roller Blinds

The beauty of Roller Blinds is their ability to control light, block heat and glare, and disappear when required. Roller blinds are practical and complement any room of the house. With different fabric options available, you can select completely block out or light filtering depending on your needs.


To discuss your requirements please contact us; 03 9939 1967 or or visit our Melbourne showroom.