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Jewellery Gaudion Furniture


Discover the very latest in designer and costume jewellery at Gaudions. We stock earrings, necklaces and rings made from gold, sterling silver, rose gold and Cubic Zirconia.   

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Gaudion Funriture 81 BRACELET Bracelet 4 Small Evil Eyes Silver
Gaudion Furniture Bracelet Bracelet Clover 3 StonesGaudion Furniture BRACELET Bracelet Clover 3
Bracelet Clover 3 Stones Sale price$65.00
Gaudion Furniture 225 Bracelet Bracelet Eyes Silver & GoldGaudion Furniture 225 Bracelet Bracelet Eyes Silver & Gold
Zahar Bracelet Bracelet LouisaZahar BRACELET Bracelet Louisa
Bracelet Louisa Sale price$109.00
Bianc Bracelet Bracelet Tennis LargeGaudion Furniture Bracelet Bracelet Tennis Large
Bracelet Tennis Large Sale price$199.00
Sold outBianc Bracelet Bracelet Tennis Small GoldBianc Bracelet Bracelet Tennis Small Gold
Bracelet Tennis Small Gold Sale price$209.00
Bianc BRACELET Bracelet Tennis SmallBianc BRACELET Bracelet Tennis Small
Gaudion Furniture EARRINGS Earrings Amalfi GoldGaudion Furniture EARRINGS Earrings Amalfi Gold
Earrings Amalfi Gold Sale price$149.00
Sold outGaudion Furniture 225 EARRINGS Earrings Clover Black Silver
Gaudion Furniture 225 EARRINGS Earrings Clover Black Gold
Earrings Clover Gold LapisEarrings Clover Gold Lapis
Earrings Clover Malachite GoldEarrings Clover Malachite Gold
Gaudion Furniture EARRINGS Earrings Clover Malachite Silver
Gaudion Furniture 225 EARRINGS Earrings Huggie CZ ValentinaGaudion Furniture 225 EARRINGS Earrings Huggie CZ Valentina
Zahar EARRINGS Earrings Isabella
Earrings Isabella Sale price$89.00
Gaudion Furniture EARRINGS Earrings LenniGaudion Furniture EARRINGS Earrings Lenni
Earrings Lenni Sale price$69.00
Gaudion Furniture Jewellery Earrings Pearl ChainGaudion Furniture Earrings Earrings Pearl Chain Gold & Silver
Zahar Jewellery Earrings Saachi SilverZahar Jewellery Earrings Saachi Silver
Earrings Saachi Silver Sale price$79.00
Gaudion Jewellery Earrings Silver Pearl Hoop
Bianc EARRINGS Earrings Spring GoldBianc EARRINGS Earrings Spring Gold
Earrings Spring Gold Sale price$119.00
Gaudion Funriture 81 Earrings Earring Stud CZ Gold
Gaudion Funriture 81 Earrings Earrings Triangle CZ
Earrings Triangle CZ Gold Sale price$20.00
Gaudion Furniture NECKLACE Necklace Clover DropGaudion Furniture Necklace Necklace Clover Drop
Necklace Clover Drop Sale price$79.00
Bianc NECKLACE Necklace Elm Gold
Necklace Elm Gold Sale price$239.00
Zahar NECKLACE Necklace FridaZahar NECKLACE Necklace Frida
Necklace Frida Sale price$99.00
Zahar NECKLACE Necklace Holly
Necklace Holly Sale price$129.00
Save $30.00Bianc NECKLACE Necklace MaritimeBianc NECKLACE Necklace Maritime
Necklace Maratime Sale price$69.00 Regular price$99.00
Bianc NECKLACE Necklace Palm GoldBianc NECKLACE Necklace Palm Gold
Necklace Palm Gold Sale price$179.00
Bianc NECKLACE Necklace Seasalt GoldBianc NECKLACE Necklace Seasalt Gold
Necklace Seasalt Gold Sale price$199.00
Bianc NECKLACE Necklace Seasalt SilverBianc NECKLACE Necklace Seasalt Silver
Necklace Seasalt Silver Sale price$199.00
Zahar Necklace Necklace TristianZahar Necklace Necklace Tristian
Necklace Tristian Sale price$119.00