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Downsizing Your Home With Style!

November 05, 2015

Downsizing Your Home With Style!

You have made the decision to downsize and we understand this is can be an emotional, frustrating, busy and potentially an expensive time for you.

We have worked with numerous clients over the years helping them downsize and we have some great tips so you can Downsize with Style and avoid the mistakes. 

The first tip is in the planning. 

Tip 1 

Get the floor plans for your new home/apartment. Check the plans are to scale. The biggest mistake people make is not knowing the dimensions of there new home. 

Tip 2 

Access the colour scheme of your new home. Take photos or write a list of the following. 

  • What colour are the walls, flooring, bench tops,  tap handles and light fittings. 
  • What colour is the outside of the building and outdoor areas.
  • What colours do you see when you look outside the windows

Tip 3 

Assess your current furniture. 

Ask yourself a couple of questions;

  • Does your current furniture style compliment your new home?
  • Are the sizes correct?
  • Are the current upholstery colours and furniture colours compliment the colour scheme of your new home. Tonally are they in the same family.

Tip 4

Now use the floor plans to prearrange your furniture before the move. Remember that when it comes to home design and decorating projects, less is more and will make your room feel more spacious.It is extremely important to streamline your home. Be objective when accessing your furniture. You need well proportioned pieces to enhance your new living spaces. 

Focus on surfaces which introduce interest and texture.  Reflective metals and mirrored faces can reflect light and have an enlarging effect on a room. These include silver, chrome, gold, mirror and crystal.

Down scaling also allows you to upscale on patterns used in a room. Wall coverings including wallpaper can have a dramatic effect while complimenting the elegance of moderately sized furnishings. Hanging mirrors and selected artwork can add drama to the setting. Choose colours and tones that work with the interiors of your apartment.

    For assistance in decorating and layout ideas or reupholstering existing furniture pieces please visit us in store at 602 High Street, Prahran, Ph 9533 6422 or online at

    We look forward to meeting you and your new home!

    To make a complimentary "Downsizing with Style" appointment contact 

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