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Article: 5 Tips for Buying a sofa

5 Tips to buy a sofa

5 Tips for Buying a sofa

A sofa/couch is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. A place to sit, relax, watch TV and entertain friends and family. Here are out top tips to buying the perfect sofa -

1. Size matters

The size of your sofa is important. Ask yourself the following questions - 

  • How many people do you need to seat daily when you entertain?
  • What size is the room and where will the sofa be positioned?

Loose covered sofa Gaudion Furniture

(Loose covered sofa, Gaudion Furniture)

If you are uncertain about the size of the sofa then lay the newspaper on the floor to see the volume of the piece. Our most popular size is 210 cm long so this gives you a starting point.

2. Personal Requirements 

Think about how you like to sit/lie on your sofa then consider the depth of the sofa. Our number one selling sofas has a seat cushions of 45cm high, this is standard seat height and a depth of around 90 - 95cm.

Loose covered sofa Gaudion Furniture

(Lovely Sanderson sofa fabrics and curtains)

3. Style 

Consider the style of your home and look at a sofa that will compliment your setting. 

Velvet Couch Gaudion Furniture

(This lovely blue sofa is complimented with Cole & Son Wallpaper)

4. Colour

What is the colour palette of the your room? Would you like the sofa to compliment with the existing room colours or would you like it to stand out and be a  feature? 

Sofa Gaudion Furniture

(Beautiful velvet sofa with William Yeoward fabric cushions)

5. Quality 

How the sofa is made is important. Your sofa will be one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home over a number of years so ensure this is an investment to last. 

The sofa frame:

The frames needs to be of superior quality to last those nights of being sat on. A quick cheat test to is to see the weight of the sofa. A quality wood frame is heavy, we recommend a hardwood frame and do ask where your sofa is made. We are proud of the fact that our frame maker and upholster are based in Melbourne. 

Upholstery and cushions:

The cushions and type of support you require are unique to you. Once again go for the very best quality of cushion you can afford so it stands up to multiple use. 

Couch Gaudion Furniture

(Colefax & Fowler sofa fabric and curtains

Last Tip

Do a quick check of access to your room. Will your new sofa fit through the door, up the stairs in the lift? 

Our experienced in house team are here to help. We can assist with sofa style, measuring and fabrics. Visit in store, call us telephone 03 9939 1967, or book a virtual appointment

We deliver nationally.

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