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Article: Top Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

Top Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

Top Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

Now that  you have made the decision to sell your home. 

You  need to maximise its value and get the best price possible. 

Tip 1

Leave the emotion at the front gate.

This is business and your job is to maximise the potential of your home. 

View the house as would a potential buyer.

Tip 2

Understand who the potential buyer is and ensure the property is presented to this target market or markets. 

Discuss with your agent what the buyers will be looking for.

 Tip 3

Start at the road entrance. What is the first impressions?

What do you see. Here are few questions to ask. 

-Is the house neatly painted and well cared for

-Is the fence /gate in good order

-Is the garden clean, tidy and features seasonally colour. 

-Is the entrance path to the front door clean and tidy.

-What condition is the front door in

Bonus Tip

Get a new doormat. - The first thing the buyers see as they enter the home.

Tip 4


-Declutter and once you have decluttered start again.

Clean tidy spaces will make the property feel bigger.

Tip 5


Check colour schemes and repaint where required.

Tip 6

Clean, clean and clean some more.

Everyone loves a fresh clean home that smells good and sparkles. 

Fix any broken doors,windows, light bulbs, make sure everything is in working order. 

Tip 7

Furniture and decorating completes the dream home.

Ask these questions

-is the furniture well placed allowing good flow

-is the furniture in excellent condition and reflect the quality of your property. 

-is the furniture stylish and enhance the property

The Gaudion Furniture Property styling team have been helping owners to get results with our

styling and furniture. We are skilled at transforming spaces, rooms and entire homes. 

To discuss how to transform your home please contact Sherryl 

Telephone - 9533 6422  



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