Buying a Dining Table

A dining table is the heart of the home. Where we gather together, memories are made and company enjoyed. 
This is an investment piece of furniture that will grow with you and we have some tips for selecting the perfect dining table for your home.

Extendable Dining Table Gaudion Furniture


Buy the biggest dining table you can fit.  Not only does it need to accommodate your growing family the dining table will also be a place to relax and can be a work space. We highly recommend a extendable dining table. This will cover you for growing families and all future events. 

Wooden Dining Table Gaudion Furniture

How to measure
A diner will need 60 cm length on a dining table.
For example if you want to seat 8 at a rectangle dining table
3 x 60 cm per person =180 cm long plus 60 for the person at the end  of the table = 240 cm long or to be generous 270 cm 
Do be aware of variables such as the position of  table legs, the size of dining chairs etc. 
We like to allow a metre around the dining table for comfortable pull back of chairs and passing traffic. 

Oak Dining Table Gaudion Furniture

Table material

Dining tables are made of wood, metal, marble, glass, steel, concrete and porcelain. Marble Dining Table Gaudion Furniture

Consider carefully the type of median you wish to sit at and the advantage and disadvantages of this median. Our favorite is a wood dining table. Not only is it naturally beautiful, it wears well with time and gets better with age. 

Oak Extendable Dining Table Gaudion Furniture

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