Tips to selecting lamp shades

We make beautiful bespoke lamp shades for all ceiling, table and  floor lamp bases. Below is an overview to help you with your selection.

Lampshades are a great opportunity to add the finishing touch to your room. Whether choosing a lampshade for an existing favorite base, or simply updating the look of your room, shades are a fun way to add that special touch.

When thinking about choosing a shade for your lamp base, there are a few points to consider --

  • ·The size, shape and height of your lamp base
  • · The style of your room
  • · The usage of the lamp – reading, ambiance or a bold statement

Once you have considered the above points, decide if you want to keep the shade simple and understated or do you want the shade to make a bold statement. The elements to be considered are the shape, size, fabric and embellishments.

 Lamp shades Gaudion Furniture

Proportion and scale are the two most important ingredients – how do you get this right?

The size and shape of the lamp base will determine which shades work best. A square base usually works best with a square shade, round with a round, slender bases with sleek shades. If your lamp is very decorative, opt for a plainer shade and let the lamp base be the focal point. A general rule of thumb is to have the lamp shade at 75% of the lamp height. There are of course always exceptions to the rule.

The really fun part of selecting the shade is the fabric and finishes. Now we are talking ‘fashion’. Plain shades a cleaner and more contemporary, pleats are more traditional and work well with antique pieces. Cuffs, tapes and fringing add a touch of opulence to any shade. Whether you choose linen, silk, florals, stripes or parchment paper, there is an option for a room.

Lamp shades Gaudion Furniture

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