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Article: Interior Design Trends 2020

Interior Design Trends 2020

Interior Design Trends 2020

We are believers a house is a home and home should reflect those who live in it. Therefore, we don't blindly follow trends but do like to keep up with whats new.

After viewing the new ranges overseas for 2020 this is what we found. The home continues to be our sanctuary from the outside world, it is a place to nurture our souls, regenerate and support our day-to-day activities.

Mix of Old & New

The drive to make our homes unique and the increased awareness of sustainability creates a trend to mix old with new. 

We will see more refurbishment of unique pieces with re-upholstery, recolouring and a growing appreciation of beautiful pieces.


More Colour & Gold  

The return of colour continues. We now see a soft gentle green through to darker jungle tones. Classic blue is the new Pantone colour of the year and the neutrals become warm and earthy. Soft pinks continue to delight and black and white for dramatic effect.

Curves and Texture

The curve continues as we carve softness and relief from hard architecture detail whilst also bring a element of surprise to a space.

Velvets dominate as they become harder wearing, increasingly textured and in endless colours.


Natural Materials

Bamboo, rattan, seagrass, cork, wood, clay, ceramics, marble are elements that soften and add interest to an interior. We see these materials being used for all aspects of furniture and home accessories. 



Wallpaper continues to astonish. Improved printing techniques deliver even more amazing designs and patterns. 

These papers add uniqueness and atmosphere in an affordable manner like never before. Such as murals and papers that mimic woods and patterns.

Greenery and the Jungle

The trend to bring harmony to the home, a environment to sustain us and make us feel connection is achieved with foliage and a jungle theme. 

This is seen in plants, flowers, pots, wallpaper and artwork. Pampas grass has taken the interior world by storm as it's texture adds a uniqueness to any space. 

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