Steps to styling your cushions

Steps to styling your cushions for the sofa or bed. 

Cushions can create endless inspiration for your home interior. The perfect cushion will create the ‘wow’ factor that will make a lasting memory giving your home an instant update.

There are infinite opportunities with patterns, colour and texture.
We have put together our top tips to help you pick the perfect cushions.



Selecting Your Cushion Colours.

A couple of questions to start with

1. What colour is the fabric on the sofa, chair or the bedlinen?

2. What other colours are in your room – paintings, wall, rug?

Now that we have a colour starting points.The sofa is light blue, the curtains floral and natural colours on walls and rugs.

Select 3 colours that will compliment the room.Careful colour selection will bring the room together and create unity.

If you need assistance with it, take a photo of your room on your phone and bring it in or email us

Pattern and Textures 

What patterns and textures do you have in the room?
For example, if you have a striped wallpaper, floral's and plainer textures will compliment it.
Or do you have a leather sofa that would benefit from soft textured cushions.

How Many Cushions Do I Need?

The million dollar question.


How long is your sofa?

A sofa that is 180 cm long will normally take 3 or 4 cushions.

A sofa longer than 180 cm will take 4 or 5 Cushions

An even number of cushions will create a balanced look. An odd number of cushions is a fashionable look. 

What size of cushions 

How high is the back cushion of your sofa?

This will determine if you need a 50 cm x 50 cm or a 60 cm x 60 cm cushion.
Our standard is a 50 x 50 cm. 



Queen Size - 2 larger cushions or pillows at back, 2 square cushions in front and one rectangle one to finish. Simple!

Cushion Inserts
The insert will determine the comfortable level of your cushion. 
We love a natural filling like feather. 
It may cost a little more at the start but a feather insert will last a life time and give superior support and comfort.
A Synthetic fill is firmer feel. It is harder to shape but ideal for anyone with allergies. 

How To Care For Your Cushion
Turn your cushion upside down and with some force give a pump. Don't be shy. Inserts do compact with use and they need a good shake up.

When plump and fat again place back. 


To Chop Or Not To Chop Your Cushion

We see it in the magazines and on the TV shows and there has been endless debate on how to style a cushion. 
Really it personal choice. If you like the look here’s how to get the perfect chop.

Turn cushion upside down and give it a good plump. Now that your cushion is looking fat and plush place it in position on the sofa/bed.

Using the side of you hand Karate chop the top centre of the cushion. 

The perfect chop will leave your cushion looking perfect.

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