New wave of design - Nicolle bar stools, stool and dining chairs

New from France the Nicolle range of bar stools, stools and dining chairs.  This range was created in France, in the 1930's to meet the latest security and comfort standards required in factories and workshops. Both the stools and the chairs quickly become popular due to their robustness and ergonomics and were used by the mechanical, chemical and textile industry of the time. The stools are made of durable steel metal and their elegant and timeless design will never go out of fashion. 

We love the signature detail of the "swan neck" and the “whale tail” shaped backrest of the Nicolle range. Available in standard colours of glossy white, turquoise, carmine  red, matte grey, black and varnish of dark steel and glossy steel or a full range of custom colours. 

An additional option to "dress up" your stool/chair  is a clip on  leather seat. Available in black, brown, fawn, red and natural leather. 

Although these stools/dining chairs has been in production since the mid 1930’s it looks completely fresh and therefore these pieces continue their reign, influencing new wave of design.

The perfect update for any home or office


















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