Scent – Our most primal and instinctive sense.


Smell is perhaps the most underrated of our five senses, although research is rapidly changing this perception. Recent studies have found we recall 35 percent of what we smell but only 5 percent of what we see, 2 percent of what we hear and 1 percent of what we touch. (Financial Review 26-28 April 2013)


Can’t we all recall the scent of Mum’s baking? Freshly cut grass or the coffee aroma in the morning?

Smells put us at ease, wake us up, help us relax and one of the easiest ways to introduce this into your home is through candles and diffusers. Now with the introduction of these you can make your home a more memorable and relaxing experience.

A diffuser will last weeks, requires no maintenance and will fill your home. A candle can burn for up to 80 hours and is a welcoming site for family and friends when they walk through the door. With winter approaching it’s an easy way to cosy your home.


Ranges include Cote Noire and Palm Beach candles.

Cote Noire is a completely natural, biodegradable and non – toxic product. This range comes in scents including pomegranate and Jamaican Lime, cypress and crushed verbena leaves.

Palm Beach candles are fragrances of essential oils and extracts made from the finest soy based wax. This range includes Gardenia, coconut and lime, white rose and jasmine.


See our candle and diffuser section for the full range of products.


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