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Article: French inspiration from Jane Webster

French inspiration from Jane Webster

French inspiration from Jane Webster

 At last the new book from Jane Webster, French House Chic! The poster girl for selling up and following her dreams and buying a derelict Chateau in France.

Twelve years ago Jane and her husband, Peter purchased an abandoned Chateau in Normandy, France. Chateau Bosqouet.

The purchasing, restoration, move to France and establishment of Jane’s cooking school, The French Table has been inspiration for her series of books; French Ties, At my French Table and French House Chic. The three books reflect the French journey of restoring Chateau Bosqouet to its former beauty.

At My French Table is the very beginning of her journey and magical story of their first year in France. It uncovers how they bought the neglected Chateau back to life. Shipping their Gaudion Furniture Dining Table and Chairs over with them, they sought to create a home for their 4 children.

Jane began The French Table, her boutique wine, food and travel experience. Hosting her own cooking school for guests in the Chateau.  


French Ties, Jane’s second book provides a glimpse into life as a French local. Jane explores the markets, up keeping of the Chateau, exploring flea markets for antique furniture pieces and cooking with family and friends with more than 40 exquisite recipes.


Her latest book French House Chic, explains the features of a traditional French Home. Providing insight into the interior features including the Parisian colour palette, wall upholstery, decorative features and the garden. It includes intimate imagery of never – before seen French houses and Jane’s personal address book of suppliers, creators and stores.

For us at Gaudion’s, Jane’s books and stories are a constant inspiration for us as we continually seek to create beautiful homes. Jane has spent a lot of time observing the French life style and inspiring people to travel and follow their dreams. Her eye for style, has created a very special home and wonderful story as she continues to explore the French culture.

Jane spends six months in France each year and is touring America in 2018.  

Her books include exquisite recipes and beautiful imaged by internationally recognised photographer, Robyn Lea.

Books available for purchase in store or online


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