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Article: What's Hot For Your Home In 2018

What's Hot For Your Home In 2018

What's Hot For Your Home In 2018

Although we are not slave to trends, we do like to be ahead in knowing how to freshen up our interiors. This is the year for glamorous, every day luxe and beauty in the home. A mix of classic and contemporary is trending with a touch of gold and colour.

Recent buying trips to Europe and the United States confirm that the Pantone colour of the year (Ultra Violet) has set a boldness and fearlessness for interior trends. Paired with wallpaper, velvet, mixed metals and foliage. We’re in for an exciting decorating year ahead! 


Neutrals (whites and greys) create a base for a huge array of shades including Pantone colours ultra violent, emerald green and blue moon.
These jewel colours are prominent through interiors on feature walls, velvet on furniture and wallpapers. 


The Wallpaper Trend continues.  
Traditionally used for feature walls  in 2018 whole rooms will be papered. 

Its incredible versatility enables individuals to make a unique space appear larger, ambient, glamourous and luxurious.
Printing techniques (including surface printing and block printing) have advanced and provide exceptional quality and detail. 


Technology has created increasingly durable velvets for everyday use. The texture of velvet creates depth and character of furniture items. Used not only for cushions but sofas, dining chairs, bedheads, arm chairs,  and the list continues.
Rich palettes are further enhanced by the application of velvet, not to mention luxurious comfort.



Metallic touches are not new but now there is even more choice. No need to select one metal to use throughout the home, it is on trend to use a mix. The sophistication of gold and brass makes them popular choices for door hardware, accessories, mirrors and furniture. This creates a visual interest throughout your interiors and simplicity of design without everything having to match. 

Dining Tables Gaudion Furniture


The natural finish of wood brings warmth and depth to a space. It’s timeless.
We are seeing a trend in darker woods including oak to complement pantone colours such as green & blue.   Additionally, with the combination of natural foliage it brings a sense of nature into our homes with the warmth of wood balancing out the coolness of metal tones.  

Greenery Faux Plants Gaudion Furniture


Foliage introduces colour diversity and a calming effect in the home. This botanical theme creates a true blend between indoor and outdoors.
Teaming these earthy tones with dark woods, velvet and mixed metals creates a level of sophistication.
Faux or Real
See the amazing range of leaves,plants and flower online and instore. 

Rory Dobner Plates Gaudion Furniture


Personalizing and making our living spaces unique  has meant the return of the plate.
The designs are varied from beautiful florals to plates to make us smile.
There are no rules when it comes to decorative plates, they are suitable for any room and fit with classic and contemporary interiors. See our instore displays for inspiration.

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