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How to choose the right floor rug

November 09, 2016

How to choose the right floor rug


One of the best kept interior design secrets when designing a room is to start with the floor. 

The addition of a rug to a room will add warmth, colour and focus.

It will make the room luxurious and most importantly welcoming.

Style of Rug

Selecting your rug is the fun part. First ask yourself..

"Do you want the rug to blend into the room or make a statement?"


The trick to blending a piece in the room is to select existing tones from the primary colour scheme.

If you desire it to be prominent, pick complementary colours but at the opposite end of the scale. 


Never underestimate the power of texture.

Consider the existing textures / fabrics in the room and choose a rug texture to compliment.

For example, a formal room would suit an elegant rug that may have sheen to it.

Whereas a leather sofa would suit a more textured rug in order to achieve composition.


Consider using pattern as a focal point or to add interest to a room. e.g. Monochrome pattern can modernize a space.


Size is the key to a balanced room…

The following tips should be used to guide your

Dining Room

Measure the length and width of the dining table and add 150 cm to the width and 150 cm to the length of the table.  This will allow the chairs to sit comfortably on the rug even when the chairs are pushed back from the table. 

For example 

If your table is 200 cm  long and 100 cm  wide - then you will need a 350 cm  x 250 cm rug. 

Living Room

Ideally, the Sofa and Armchair should sit on the rug or at least have the front legs of the sofa and armchairs on the rug.  This will promote a sense of luxury.


 The idea is to add 90cm to the width of the bed and end of the bed. 


If you’re uncertain lay the newspaper out in the size you are thinking. This will allow you to see the volume of the rug.

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