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Taken from the Flemish tradition of vast tapestry-weaving, Verdure Tapestry is inspired by a 17th century work which is currently displayed within the King’s Presence Chamber of Kensington Palace.

Its verdant, pictorial scene pays homage to the richly woven, intricate tapestries that were known as 'the mobile frescoes of the North'. These impressive pieces of woven art were a canvas for master weavers’ imaginations, each landscape lavish in fanciful trees and foliage, without the traditional perspective constraints of figurative or narrative tapestries. Translated here by Cole & Son into a sumptuous panel scene, Verdure Tapestry is full of life with its abundance of rich flora and fauna.

Available printed on paper or lVerdure Tapestry Silk utilises a 100% natural slub silk base



  • Width 105cm 
  • Length 7 metres
  • Straight match, Repeat 350cm
  • 2 colours- Viridian, Teal, Ink & Chartreuse on paper or Petrol, Teal, Seafoam and Lemon on silk base.
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