Introducing Contempory Landscape Artist - Jane Flowers

We are lucky enough to have two of Australian contemporary landscape artist Jane Flowers, paintings.

Flowers’ is a professional Australian artist, based in Victoria for over 15 years following careers in teaching, advertising and graphic design.  She has done a number of solo shows and awarded in 2009 People's Choice Award ANL Maritime Prize Melbourne and in 1989 Drawing Prize Mackay Art Society.

Jane’s paintings depict a passion for the distinctive colours, patterns and textures of Australia's land and seascapes, well known for her use of inland reds and ocean blues. She is particularly drawn to the wilder parts of our continent, wide open spaces and intense sunlight. A strong sense of horizon is often a prominent element within her work.

Her images are concerned with capturing the moods of nature- the essence of a time and place - while reminding us of the beauty of the natural world. One of her newest paintings reflects just this; “Take me to the Water” reminds us of beauty in the natural environment. “Swimming over coral” is a more abstract work, though still reflecting a vast sense of movement in relation to the natural environment.

Visit our show room to see the two stunning pieces of artwork up close. 

Below: 'Take me to the water'

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