Lighting 101: Lighten Up Your Day

Lighting is one element that can instantly transform a space, creating a different atmosphere. Its versatility allows us to create different moods and effects.

Layering of different types of lighting may be required for different purposes such as ambient light, task and accent lighting. To create the most effective lighting scheme, a combination of all three categories of light are required. Ambient lighting creates general illumination in a space, often through internal lighting, whereas task lighting focuses on a specific area in a room through the use of pendants or lamps. Depth can also be created through by accent lighting.

Lighting plays a role in our ability to perceive a space. Rules of lighting include having a mix of light sources at different levels to create an aesthetically pleasing radiance. Whether dark and moody lighting is desired or something fresh and bright depending on the space, the perfect lighting can always be achieved.

Considering the style of your room will help determine the type of lighting required. We are happy to offer assistance with updating your interior through our full range of products including floor lamps, table lamps, bedside and hanging lights including beautiful chandeliers.  We are also able to source lights for our clients and offer a customized lamp shade making service. 

Beautiful French lighting has just arrived in store, all handmade using natural materials. Available in a table lamp and hanging pendants in various colours and sizes. These intricate beacons illuminate to produce a warming glow in any space.

For further assistance on achieving the desired lighting in your home come into our show room or visit our website.


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