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Article: How to select the perfect wallpaper

How to select the perfect wallpaper

How to select the perfect wallpaper

 You've seen wallpaper transform a space and maybe you're considering doing the same but don't know where to start...

You start with research

Firstly examine what you you'll be working with. Things to consider: 

What colours will remain in the room you are wallpapering? e.g. What colour is the floor, if it's a powder room what colour is the cabinetry and tapware?

What direction does your room face? North, South etc. and is there much light in the room?

What type of atmosphere do you want to create in the room?

What is the height and width of the walls to be papered? Many wallpapers come with a pattern repeat.

Wallpaper for your Dining Room

Dining rooms are special and should be the central hub for entertaining and family gatherings. Wallpaper is a great way to add a punch of texture and visual interest, making your dining room feel purposeful and intentional.

This is your chance to create a unique dining space. It can be fresh and inviting as seen with the Cole and Son's 'Talvera' and 'Tijou Gate' wallpaper or a bolder option is the 'Marquee Stripes'.

No matter your style, there’s a wallpaper to suit your taste, from timeless elegance and calmer palettes to taking design risks with saturated hues or bold wallpaper.

Wallpaper for the Bedroom

Our favourite room of the house to wallpaper! The addition of wallpaper can turn your room into a special sanctuary and provide an instant uplift. If you don’t want to wallpaper the whole room, a feature wall can be a great option. 

Cole and Son's, light and voluminous 'Grand Masters Fresco' and Designers Guild 'Seraphina' are amongst our favourites for achieving a tranquil and calming space.

The glamorous green 'Lola' wallpaper is perfect for an opulent and romantic bedroom scheme. 

 Sprucing up your Power Room

Often a well used room but with little personality therefore this is the IDEAL room to experiment and have fun with!

If your family has specific interests e.g. if you’re an outdoorsy family that loves hiking, then perhaps you could go with a jungle/ forest inspired wallpaper design to reflect that in your home.

We recommend looking for a larger scale paper for the power room, this will effectively open up your space and make it appear larger along with a decent sized mirror.

The Cole & Son 'Royal Fernery' wallpaper, features a large scale garden with lush and abundant leaves. This design is a modern take on a tapestry, a fresh and dramatic option!

The light fresh colours and detail of the Fornasetti 'Procuratie Con Vista' and 'Nuvolette' wallpaper are timeless and beautiful.    


We have an extensive range of wallpaper from all over the world. 

Whatever your wallpaper idea, our experienced team of specialists can help you bring it to life with our free wallpaper advice in store at our Armadale showroom or online.


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