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Article: Finding the Perfect Bedside Table

Finding the Perfect Bedside Table

A bedside table will enhance the overall ambience of your bedroom, working in sync with the lighting, decor, and other furniture pieces. The first step is to measure the height of your bedbase. The height of your bedside table should be the same as your bedbase and mattress; 5cm above or below is also fine!

 The second step is to measure how much space you have either side of the bed. Larger bedsides including chests of drawers are usually over 70cm - 80cm in width. Ensure there's enough storage, consider how you'll be using the bedsides; do you have books to put in them. 

Thirdly, is to take note of the style of the room and colours. This will help us pick the correct style and colour e.g. a ligher space should have a white of natural coloured bedside table. If there are heavier elements in the room you could place a darker bedside in it's place. 

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