Styling your home for sale

August 14, 2013

Now that you have made the decision to sell your home and chosen an agent, it is time to dress your home for sale.  The aim is this is to make your property most desirable.

“Home buying is as much about emotion as it is sense”

It’s essential to put yourself in the place of a potential buyer entering your home. Think of your home as a product to be marketed, it must be presented to the appropriate target audience. Before you start, attend a few open homes and learn how other vendors have presented their homes as this will give you a few ideas.

Firstly, you must de-clutter to make the rooms feel larger and look organized. . Most people have extra furniture in rooms that isn’t really required.  Keep in mind when staging that buyers want to move around your house easily. Buyers always want to know there is space, light and plenty of storage as well as being able to envisage their own things filling their new home.

If you have strong colours you may like to tone them down with some more neutral tones to make the rooms more appealing to the conservative buyer.

Well selected items of furniture, such as a dining table and chairs and a sofa and coffee table make a huge difference to a homes’ appearance. Often, older furniture should be replaced with more stylish furniture that a new buyer would be expecting to furnish the home with.


Leading real estate agents strongly believe in the home styling services that we offer;


‘Appropriately proportioned furniture can add space to any room and a well presented home will add tens of thousands of dollars to the final sale price.’ Jeremy Fox, Director RT Edgar


“A well-presented home will photograph well. Good photos in your advertising campaign will entice buyers to your open home.” Rae Tomlinson Marshall White.


Gaudion Furniture specializes in styling properties for sale and our goal is to work with you to maximize the potential value of your home. 

Our service includes an initial visit to determine the overall style and scope of the furnishing; we then prepare a working proposal and you are able to view and select the actual furniture we can provide. We also provide our unique accessories – mirrors, lamps and glassware to complete the furnishing.

To learn more about the services we offer please contact us ph 03 9533 6422


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