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Style Tips with International Renowed Designer Allegra Hicks

July 29, 2015

Style Tips with International Renowed Designer Allegra Hicks

What a wonderful treat to meet the internationally renowned, London based Allegra Hicks in Melbourne.

Specialising in textile and fashion design, she is the face behind the international luxury lifestyle brand that is recognised around the world for its beautiful textiles and prints.
Graduating with a degree in art and design from Politenico di Milano she studied decorative painting in Brussels before moving to London. Here, she started her own business setting up a studio specialising in rugs, fabrics, furniture, home accessories and eventually clothing.
Since her marriage to iconic designer David Hicks’ son Ashley Hicks she has made a new life with husband Roberto Mottola di Amato in his hometown of Naples.
Her latest published book, ‘an eye for design’ inspires readers to look at fabrics and interiors in new ways. Known for her style and elegance she is known worldwide recognised for her achievements as a designer.

Hicks believes design should be timeless, encouraging décor that engages all the senses.

Her demand has an interior expert is due to her soft, accessible style, seeking minimalism and visually impacting décor.
Her design advice is not on exacting rules to decorating, instead sticking with furniture and art pieces and colourations that make you happy.

She believes through  surrounding yourself with things you love is sophisticated living. Hicks was one to have her dining rooms walls embroidered to encompass absolute beauty, of course this is not within all our budgets but a great example of beauty and joy. 

Her understated style is based on modern and old interiors working together, drawing inspiration from nature. Often she can make four different patterns work together in one setting. Ultimately her signature style is soft and feminine, through with aspects of boldness. She encourages a good use of colour due to its nurturing components and reinforces clients to keep their personality and what they love.
We believe creating a connection your way to a calmer home is through surrounding yourself with things of value (treasures), buying only what you truly love and redecorating your house as a place of calm.
A single space today is now required to serve multiple users, modern interiors have to marry that desire for somewhere to relax with a need for functionality.
Design classics that serve more than one purpose in your home are becoming popular choices. The new sophisticated simplicity is desire.A house is to be lasting, furnishings come and go but it is good to ensure that a home’s personality is still reflected in its interiors and originality of the house.

Timeless advice for all.
Surround yourself with beautiful things and live happily!


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