Rose et Marius French Candle Holder - Tometo Gris Platine

Rose et Marius

Rose et Marius offers a concept unique in the world of home decoration and fragrances. This beautiful french candle holder in porcelain is refillable. 

Precious candle holder inspired by the cement tiles of the old houses in Provence.
These candle holders  are made in Porcelain from Limoges,

The exclusives patterns are set by hand in France.

Finish is in platinum 

Tumber Features

  • Tumbler in Porcelain from Limoges 
  • Height 9.5 cm
  • Finish in genuine platinum. 
  • Handmade In France.
  • use as a candle holder or vase or just decorations

Candle Features

  • 60 hours burn time
  • 200 frames
  • wrapped and boxed 


Fig - Green leaves from a fig tree in Provence

Rose - Lunch over a Rose wine in Provence

Linden - Linden Blossom from the Linden Tree 

Fresh Mint - Refresh 

Lavender - exclusively Lavender


Comes beautifully packaged 

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