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Designer Boys Exotic Botanical Print VI


The Exotic Botanical Print Collections is in joint partnership with the Victorian Royal Botanic Gardens.

The artwork is taken from the original botanical artworks published  in  Wallich’s Plantae Asiaticae Rariores 1831 and Micquels Choix Pl. Buttenzong 1864,

Printed On Fine Quality Art Paper & Hand Framed in a choose of sizes and frames.

Six Botanical Prints in the series.


Small - 46.5cm wide x 56 cm high

Medium - 59 cm wide x 78 cm high

Large - 87 cm wide x 107.6 cm high

X Large - 100 cm wide x 140 cm high

Order items - Delivery time 2-3 weeks approx.
Delivery is with the compliments of Gaudion Furniture
A wonderful addition to any room of the house