The Crystal Flatwoven Floor Mat Original

Beija Flor

This European Flat woven collection pays homage to generations and cultures around the world that have created Kilm, handmade designs in natural materials. Originally knitted with the loom and wool, Beija Flor’s creative team had digitally replicated the warm and authentic feel of the artistry line by line.

To embody the comfort and approach ability of this collection, it has been manufactured  with a new soft sheet called Cushion Vinyl.

The combination of a laid-back, bohemian kilm style and the Vinyl material technique provides an ideal solution for a chic living space.

Handle & Care


Wash the mat with soap and water on both sides and leave to dry. All floor cleaning liquids should do,.Do not use acid or chlorine.

Special care

Do not drag  heavy furniture across the Mat,Do not fold the mat, leave it flat or roll it into a roll.For indoor use only. Can be used in shaded patio or balcony,Colors may fade in direct sunlight. The mats do not have anti slip surface and should not be used in wet environments.

Designed for the modern home, our floor mats are effortlessly installed without adhesives and is easily maintained. Available in a variety of sizes, our designs are printed on super-durable material that is easily washable, does not move or curl up.

Choose a small floor mat for the entrance to your home or a runner size to beautify your kitchen and sink area.


  • unique design 
  • mats produced from high cushion vinyl sheets and advanced digital print
  • easy care - wash with soap and water
  • indoor use and cant be folded.
  • view samples in store 
  • Dimensions 200cm x 350cm

Uplift any area of your home with one of these unique and original mats. 

Category: Mat, Rug

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