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Cole and Son Historic Royal Palaces Grand Masters Verrio Mirrors Wallpaper 2 Colours


The King’s Staircase of Hampton Court Palace was the inspiration behind Verrio Mirrors; an elaborate series of trompe l’oeil pillars created by master artist Antonio Verrio for William III.

Verrio’s breath-taking work was much admired by the royals of the time, his imposing artworks being featured throughout Hampton Court Palace’s baroque expansion of the original Tudor residence. The staircase’s vast design creates the illusion of a great Roman courtyard open to the sky and can be paired with both King’s Argent and Fresco Sky to complete this enchanting scene.


  • Width 52 cm 
  • Length 10 metes
  • Straight match, Repeat 91.4 cm 
  • 2 colours ways, soot metallic silver and cedar metallic gilver
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