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Beija Flor Armenian Eclectic Concrete Mat

Navigating between borders, belonging, and longing this where this traditional artistry draws its contours. The craft of Armenian ceramics is a formal code of which the tendency to a certain colour, movement, and rhythm, a silhouette, aesthetic tension or calm, unity or multiplicity, flatness, darkness, contrast, centrality, compressibility, And angularity merge into a coherent visual statement which bears the signature of those who make them.

Designed for the modern home, our floor mats are effortlessly installed without adhesives and is easily maintained. Available in a variety of sizes, our designs are printed on super-durable material that is easily washable, does not move or curl up.

Choose a small floor mat for the entrance to your home or a runner size to beautify your kitchen and sink area.



  • Unique design 
  • Mats produced from high quality vinyl sheets and advanced digital print
  • Easy care - wash with soap and water
  • Indoor use



  • Medium 60cm x 97cm 
  • Large 70cm x 120cm 
  • Narrow Runner 60cm x 180cm 
  • Inspire and beautify any room with a gorgeous floor mat.
Sale price$129.95
BEIJA FLOR MAT Beija Flor Armenian Eclectic Concrete
Beija Flor Armenian Eclectic Concrete Mat Sale price$129.95